The Porsche prototype - VK 45.01(P) in 1/35 scale

On May 26th of 1941, during the meeting concerning the development of new weaponry, Adolf Hitler ordered both Dr.Porsche and Henschel to supply their designs for a heavy tank, which was to be ready in the summer of 1942. Krupp was in charge of supplying main armament and producing turrets for designs by both Henschel and Porsche. The project was known as the "Tigerprogram".

Porsche Tiger’s development was based on previous design of VK 3001(P) – Leopard. Only five Tiger(P) were fully completed and while none of those vehicles entered production, they provided designers with valuable experience.

In July of 1942, Henschel Tiger - VK 4501(H) was approved and went into production. Only five Tiger(P) were fully completed in July of 1942 by Nibelungenwerke with armored parts supplied by Krupp, before the production was stopped in August of 1942..

I used the kit#6210 from Dragon to reproduce the VK 45.01(P). The kit isof the only VK 45.01(P) to go into combat and was modified with extra armor. Many modifications had to be made such as scratch building most of the front of the hull and removing details from the rest. As best as I can tell from the photos, the model is a rare and accurate reproductions of the VK 45.01(P) prototype.

PHOTO NOTE: Photography was taken with a Cannon S5 IS digital camera with florescent lighting.