sd kfz 265(command tank) - Zvezda 1/35
This is the old Zvezda kit #3523 pro built with lots of extras. Painted in Model Master acrylics and metalizers followed with oils and pastels. More oils on this one than what I normally do and the results are impressive. All “thick plastics” where sanded down or replaced with sheet styrene. Some brass was used for small details and rear fenders. Real wood for the wood(except for tool handles). Head light was milled from clear plastic and top doors are supported with brass wire(they can open and shut). Side doors are lightly glued so they can be opened also. Muffler grill was made from sheet styrene with 251 holes hand drilled in it(PE set unavialable - ouch!). Painted figure included. Antenna can be removed or put in the storage possition. For an old kit this one was pretty good. Not real sure about how accurate the uniform is but, the tank looks right on compared to research photos.