JS–2m from Dragon(kit #6018) in 1/35 scale

JS–2m from Dragon(kit #6018) in 1/35 scale. Individual track links and some PE. I've built this kit 3 times now and thought I would go with a photo of a JS on display in Poland. Not sure if it is a Polish AFV or not, I just liked the way it weathered. The original headlight lens was gray and I was instructed to paint is silver – I hate that!! I made a mold of it and poured an acrylic one – looks much more realistic. Also shaped the fuel tanks with minor dents and corrected the pistol ports on the turret. Turret rotates and gun elevates. All turret doors can be displayed in the open or closed position. Painted in Model Master acrylics and metalizers followed with Georgian oils and Mungyo soft pastels and oil pastels. Very realistic looking model

PHOTO NOTE: Photography was taken with a Cannon S5 IS digital camera with florescent and natural lighting.