Bergepanzer Tiger I SdKfz 185

This is the Bergetiger from CMK which is a 1968 Tamiya release with a PE sheet and a conversion kit in one box. I scratch built the top of the turret due to the conversion kit provided was poorly done and lacked detail. The vinyl tracks where chunked and replaced with after market individual links. All the tools where replaced with Dragon/DML parts and I made the jack block. The turret will turn and the crane will elevate somewhat. The crane also can be removed. The pulley system works but the PE hand cranks are fixed. Developed into a very nice model.
I found an article stating that this is not a Bergepazer but a demolitions vehicle. It was mistaken for a recovery vehicle by the allies when discovered abandoned in France. I'm not sure if this is true or not but the crane seems a little weak to be moving tonnage.

PHOTO NOTE: Photography was taken with a Cannon S5 IS digital camera with florescent and natural lighting. Anything that looks like a fingerprint is just powder from latex gloves and is easily removed.