PzBfWg 38(t) - Maquette 1/35

PzBfWg 38(t) light tank command version in 1/35 scale with base. This is the Maquette kit # MQ-3541 painted in Model Master acrylics and metalizers followed with Georgian oils and Mungyo soft pastels. Some scratch work on tool and storage boxes and “jerry can” crate. Individual track links. All doors are lightly glued with latex rubber so they can be opened, if desired, without hurting paint. Antenna is brass wire and can be easily removed. Due to the nature of the model, the turret will turn but may scratch up paint because it rests in a saddle with a tight fit. The interior is painted but not detailed because you can't see anything.

The “jerry can” crate and infantry helmet are extra and not attached but, they are included with the model.

The base is a styrofoam construction topped with acrylics and “Woodland Scenics” field grass.

Maquette kits have always been disappointing when I first open the box. Once you get past the heavy flashing, sink marks(sink holes) and poor instructions, they always build into nice little models. Lots of detail and as accurate as any other kit, just produced in a hurry or at the wrong temps or both. When all is said and done, the kit came out great and

PHOTO NOTE: Photos are taken with florescent lighting